Martin Rodriguez

Life vs death

If a day were to come where something was to happen to me……. I’d want Rachael to tell Ava everything about me good and bad. In life we make our own destiny and gets past on through how we reflect on our children and everyone around us… I came from nothing no dad no sense of direction no principles and half the time no mother. If I were to die I’d hope that Ava thinks bout me as I care and lover her. My dad died before he could meet Ava or Rachael I promised him I would be like my parents and that I don’t lose her like he lost me I think about you every dad love and miss you wish things were different on 2/7/14 Ava Grace Rodriguez-Stanek was born I remember everything about it and Ava if you ever think you hate your mother don’t think it she changed my life will always cherish her and love her with all my heart she loves you so much the way she looks at you when she held you no words to describe it